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Marbella Marbella Adelante! - Oliver Tobias & Wendy van der Veen!

My name is Wendy van der Veen , I am of Dutch origin and have lived here in Spain for 25 years, and I am also the owner of two ceremony boutiques called Damaris and an event company Damarisvents.

Since I was 8 years old,  I have been a fan of the actor Oliver Tobias, thanks to the TV series Arthur of the Britons, never imagined that so many years later I would be his PA. It’s an absolute an honour for me to represent him and to bring  him to the Costa del Sol. I had previously organised a Tribute this year for Oliver Tobias and Arthur of the Britons in Stroud and in the Woodchester National Trust Park with Oliver and fans from all over the world on August 28 and 29. This was a great experience not only for us the fans, but also for Oliver himself (see the letter you came from near and far).

Now Oliver is coming to us, as he will support Age Concern here on the Costa del Sol.  It is a previous visit to  Perfect Wedding and Eventexpo in Fuengirola in March where we will support Age Concern and Alzheimer.

Oliver  has past connections with Andalucia and was the owner of a tower from the Duques de Medina and he also travelled extensively throughout all of Andalucia as he particularly likes  the Andalusian philosophy of life.
I am extremely grateful for all the support I receive here to make this event happen.  All my friends who are musicians like my dear David Mairs will come and give a great live performances to make the night extra magical.

I learned here that if you are open and share your talent, which is in my case, let´s say public relations, put people in contact with each other,  it will all come back to you sooner or later and all that happens has a reason. It is very gratifying to see that when you link persons and they get an result out of it.

I am very grateful to live here on the Costa del Sol and thank every day for it, as it is still a privilege not everybody has!

Be yourself and   do not  present yourself better than you are;  be honest and try to help others!

Wendy van der Veen


Dear Sirs, On behalf of Oliver Tobias I am organising a charity event to be hosted by Mr. Tobias which will take place at 8pm on Friday 12th November at the Tamisa Golf Hotel. It will be an outstanding opportunity for the expat community on the coast to meet this world renowned artist in person right here on the Costa del Sol . I would like to cordially invite you to this event where Oliver will answer questions and sign autographs for a small fee, the proceeds of which will go to support Age Concern here on the Costa del Sol. Oliver is delighted to support this charity.

During the evening there will be a buffet and a musical performance by Joost Jong together with a surprise performance. Of course fans will be able to meet Oliver personally and be able to participate in a question and answer session about Oliver’s career. Oliver Tobias is not unknown on the Costa del Sol but it’s been a very long time since he last visited. He is acutely aware that many of his British fans live here on the coast so he felt it was an ideal opportunity to meet and talk with his supporters.

Oliver Tobias has an impressive international career, spanning over 40 years. The TV series “Arthur of the Britons” has a great fan base all over the world. He is also famous for his role in the film “The Stud”, as well as the musical “Hair” and series such as Smuggler; Adventurer; Lukes Kingdom etc.

You can find out more about Oliver on Facebook and Yahoo and of course his own official site:

As places are limited for this event please send your acceptance of this invitation (RSVP) as soon as possible and do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information.

Oliver and I are looking forward to welcoming you to the Tamisa Golf Hotel on Friday, the 12th of November at 8 o’clock.

Please note for press: interviews with mr Oliver Tobias on appointment on November 12th from 13.00 hours till 18.00 hours at Tamisa Golf hotel.

Kindest Regards,

Wendy van der Veen
PA to Oliver Tobias

mobile: 699 186 127    699 186 129.


Dario Poli

Composer, artist, and a published author and illustrator. He is initiator of the campaign to present a better image Internationally, of Marbella and the Costa del Sol. Composer of the music "Marbella Marbella" used as the anthem of the campaign and also many other recorded compositions including Nostradamus, and Corazon, for The Children for Peace Onlus charity in Rome as well as the co-author of the powerful musical drama Lady X and The Power of Destiny. He is also the editor and a founder member of this website.

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  • Elvira

    Hi Wendy,
    My name is Elvira. I do not speak or write in English. I hope therefore that using the translator to understand me minimally, if not more …

    I am a great admirer of the actor Oliver Tobias. I think a brilliant actor and a gentleman (even now) very attractive.

    I have too many fans or the cinema or on television serials but I remember the series "Arthur of the Britons" with great affection. Even after 30 years.
    I have the sword of Arthur "(Oliver) fixed to the bottom of my heart!
    OH … I went crazy with it just watch it … 😉

    Not too long ago, I learned to be sold complete series on DVD. I am very interested in acquiring the series, but, as I suggested, my English is bad …
    So my question is this: The audio of the 24 chapters includes the Spanish language?

    Many thanks in advance and you enjoy fine on the Costa del Sol!
    Fridays are days of work for me 🙁
    Health and Solidarity !!!!!

  • Elvira

    If once you bring Oliver to Barcelona (Catalonia) Spanish province even today … I I agree to the meeting!
    Good night, beautiful.
    Goodnight everyone!

  • Dear Elvira,

    Thank you for your kind note, It is great to meet spanish fans here in Spain . There is a lot going on now with Oliver Tobias , please have a look at facebook and his official site !
    there are 4 sites on facebook and his official website is now coming up in the near future with renewed frash info. The dvd are not in Spanish , anyway you would missed than his great voice. please contact me whenever you wish, Oliver will posibly soon back here in Spain.

  • dear Elvira,

    i am on facebook too so if you wish to see what i do as an PA for Oliver just go to wendy van der veen. It will be a pleasure to see you there too! best regards Wendy

  • Elvira

    Hello Wendy
    Since the mail that I sent to your private address bounced, am writing here.

    I first thank you for having me respond.

    Really grateful for the offer. Later, when possible, return to me to record the social network Facebook, but for now, the lack of time forces me to be very selective in the moments that I can sit in front of the keyboard.
    On the website of Oliver Tobias who do I look almost daily … I am pleased to tell me that will be renewed!

    You're right: Watching "Arthur of the Britons" I did not enjoy the voice of Oliver, but I heard through youtubes so kindly that you have uploaded other fans.
    And yes, Oliver's voice is as captivating as his eyes 🙂
    I've done the command of DVDs, you know?
    Maybe listening repetitively series of dialogues to understand something …. And then, I will respect my comments, either on facebook, or on the website of Oliver, if you can comment there …

    And finally. I read that Oliver Tobias again next year in Marbella. Que bien!!
    I guess now you will give more details on the fact … Yes?

    Thanks again, and a big hug from Catalonia.

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