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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 416 - Başak Kırıcı

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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 416 – Başak Kırıcı
At Lokatie Laurier in Amsterdam I saw the work of several recently graduated artists from the Willem de Kooning Academy, including Başak Kırıcı. She makes paintings and films and is originally from Istanbul.
Her most recent work is about childhood and the fear that children can sometimes have. Başak: “Children have doubts and insecurities and sometimes these affect a later stage of life.”

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Childhood has a great influence on the perception and understanding of the world, but that is not the most important thing for her, says Başak. “What interests me most are the movements of a child when it experiences primal emotions such as anger, cruelty and, on the other hand, concern for the other.”

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It is a stage in which the core or soul of the child is formed. “The rules we generally abide by have not really been internalized by the child yet. So it is very sensitive to new experiences; ‘events’ shape a young person more than an adult. Facts that we already consider concrete or a priori are still in motion for them and have yet to be tested for their correctness – or so I think.”
She finds these stories about children and the changes they experience worth investigating. She tries to make it visible through films and paintings.

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Does Başak have a key work?
She has. It’s called Kids With Nightmares. “It’s a four-part painting that I made in the pandemic summer of 2020. I didn’t have a clear end point in mind while painting it, but somehow this work continued to work into my next projects. When I look at the film I’m making at the moment, I can see that these four paintings paved the way for the film to come to life, becoming something of a milestone for the period of the COVID virus. That being said, there is constant movement, both in terms of myself and the work I make.”

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At the moment, the movie ‘Zeze & Mercedes’ she is currently working on is a core project. “These weeks, everything I do revolves around this movie.

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and also the trailer:
ZEZE & MERCEDES TRAILER.mp4 – Google Drive


How long has she been an artist?
For ten years or so. She has been influenced by painting and film for as long as she can remember, she says. She studied at Avni Akyol Fine Arts Highschool in Istanbul and recently graduated from Animation BA at Willem de Kooning Akademie in Rotterdam. “I had the privilege of studying abroad and working with international students, it gave me an insight into their passions and their roots.”

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What does the future look like?
“I don’t have much experience and knowledge of the art industry and how it works in different cultures – be it in the past or now. I would like to delve more into this. I would also like to dwell more on the subject of ethnology, do research in it and convey the results in art. I don’t know yet whether it will lead to regular practice.”
She would like to continue making art through different media. “I would like to approach people from different cultures and backgrounds, circumstances permitting, to create something that captures/images our search for the unknown, however naïve or cliché that may sound.”

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