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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 256 - Metin Bereketli

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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 256 – Metin Bereketli
Metin Bereketli is a self taught painter. As a little kid he was always drawing painting and making sculptures. He did so in Izmir, Turkey, where he was born. In 1990 he moved to his new homeland, America. First to Wilmington, North Carolina and a little bit later to sunny California, Los Angeles.

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He was born on the shores of the shimmering blue Aegean Sea in Turkey. “The natural splendor of my environment influenced the person I am today. The spectacular colors of a thousand sunsets, blue-green seas and sparkling white sand changed my life forever. I attempt to capture these colours in my artwork every day – it is my true passion to share this gift with the world. Words alone cannot explain these splendors – only art can attempt to capture their glory.

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He has always been drawn to the beauty of the sea. “The marine life and birds that live there bring such joy to my world. Many of my paintings depict birds because I feel they hold the sacred spiritual significance of freedom. Birds have the ability to walk on earth, float on water and soar in the air. They are thought to be a symbol of ultimate earthly freedom; to be a creature that is of the air, land and water.”

He was an energetic kid. “I would use the paper sheets, roots of trees, rocks and wood pieces. These objects were an art material in my imagination. I gave my art to my aunts, friends and loved ones and I saw beautiful smiles on their faces. That made me happy.”

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From Wilmington to a big city
In America he didn’t start painting immediately. Metin Bereketli: “I had to earn money and started with jobs as electrician and bartender. In between jobs I sometimes hang out at a restaurant where local artists exhibited their work. There I remembered my creative childhood. Maybe I should go back to my roots.”
He began painting ferociously. He showed his work to the art director of the restaurant who wanted to frame and exhibit the work. When the work was hanging on the wall there were interested people who wanted to buy it. Metin: “I felt encouraged. A friend suggested that I create a collection of paintings and move from Wilmington to a big city. After some thinking, I packed up all my stuff in my small car, and drove across the country to Los Angeles.”

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Making connections
Metin didn’t know anyone in Los Angeles. He started as delivery man. “I thought this would also help me to get to know people, especially in the movie industry: script writers, graphic artists.” It proved to work. In a few months, while making deliveries, he was making connections. And after the delivering, up to the wee hours in the night, he was painting. “To promote myself, I created calendars and postcards to give as gifts to executives. And when I came back in my place, I saw the red light of my answering machine going on and off. Good news!”

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A gallery owner in Santa Monica wanted to see his paintings. Someone had recommended his work. Metin brought 12 works, and the gallery took nine and wanted to represent him. Metin: “I jumped around like Tom Cruise jumping on the couch!”. Since that time, Metin’s art career had started seriously. His connections with the movie industry people helped his works to be seen in tv-shows like ‘Friends’, ‘How I Met Your Mother’ , ‘Transparent’ ,‘Will & Grace’, ‘ER’, ‘CSI: NY’, ‘Frasier’, ‘Two and a Half Men’, ’General Hospital’ and ‘Gilmore Girls’….

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How would he describe his theme? Metin Bereketli: “I have a special focus on diversity. My fervent wish is to bring together all peoples from all kinds of religious, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. That’s my definition of Heaven On Earth, and you can see my dedication in over a dozen original works I have created in the past.”
Metin Bereketli is an artist who tries to get grip on his time by focusing on transcending themes like courage, freedom and love. “You can witness my dedication to such core values in every canvas that my brush has touched. I have repeatedly portrayed the splendor of the world in all its joy and effervescence … birds! They represent peace, innocence and freedom. That’s why they have graced many of my paintings like angels singing to us from another dimension.

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Cities of the World

He also turned his energies to another area, and created his ‘Cities of the World’ Series. “In each of these truly original canvasses you can see a heart aching and caring not only for the living creatures of our planet but even for its pavements, buildings, avenues and waterways. That’s how complete my dedication to the glory of our world is.”

Metin: “I have paid great attention to these paintings since I wanted the peoples of the world to communicate well with each other. My aim is to give love and respect to the cultures in their cities. Cities paintings are created with infinite patience by me and millions of free-hand strokes applied with a thin brush on a canvas through the aid of a magnifying glass. That’s why you need a magnifying glass to see all the fine details in this unique painting.”

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Healing Art

As a child he noted the effects when he gave his works to his aunts and others. it made such an impression on him that once his art career got off to a good start, he started to set up healing art sessions. These sessions are organized coast-to-coast. “Art It is about elevating our souls to a level of purity not possible otherwise. That is, art is a healing process at its core and every true artist is a healer by default.”

Metin: “Bringing peace and bliss to those kids in need through his revolutionary method of Healing Art has been the secret thrill and principal focus of my artistic energies. My art sessions, brought to thousands of kids over the last 19 years, have opened doors of joy for young people full of potential. I introduced them to the liberating force of explosive colors and swirling, dancing, jumping forms.”

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Finally: what is philosophy? Metin: “When I was a kid I saw that others got happy by my gifts. Maybe my special artistic philanthropy started in these days. It became a way of living of all my life. My philosophy was best formulated by the tennis player Arthur Ashe, who said: ‘From what we get, we can make a living. What we give, however, makes a life’.

Images: 1) Rhapsody, 2) Intricacy, 3) Peace Fire, 4) Sound Makers, 5) Jollification Scarf, 6) New Orleans, 7) Amsterdam, 8) Diversity 2, 9) Clifton Truman Daniel – Metin Bereketli, 10) Hollywood’s Healing Painter Metin Bereketli

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