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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 205 - Marianne Schuit

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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 205 – Marianne Schuit
Marianne Schuit has been making art since she was ten years old when she got her own room at home and a coffin with oil paint from her uncle. Inspired by the folders of Public Art Property (Openbaar Kunstbezit) that her father brought her from the publishing house, she immediately went to work: ‘as if a starting shot had gone off’. Openbaar Kunstbezit was a foundation that had set the goal of popularizing art.

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I speak to Marianne Schuit at her exhibition in the MLB Gallery. “In the city of Amsterdam we had moved from Slotermeer to Osdorp, I got a room of my own and there it started. It was all my thing, drawing and painting. I kept doing it and never let it go again. “

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To the Rietveld
It came never up to her that you could make a profession of drawing and painting, but when a drawing teacher advised her to go to the Rietveld Academy, the idea appealed to her enormously. “I was not brought up in an artistic environment. I first went to LEAO, so you could go working in a store or office. I did not see me working there immediately. I went to the MAVO, and there I got drawing lessons of Mr. Van Stralen.

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‘I’m going to give you specials tasks’ he said. I loved that. After a while, he said, ‘You have to go to the Rietveld’. I had never heard of that. And you had to have at least HAVO for it. But I got the HAVO diploma. On Saturday afternoon I did a course at the Rietveld. However, I was not accepted at the day school because I had too little work in my portfolio.

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A friend of mine also painted. ‘Won’t you attend the Evening School?’ he asked. He had done that too. I was accepted. I could work during the day. After five years, I had my diploma painting and drawing. I could go on to the Rijksacademie. But I had a great urge to find my own way. I took a half job in a nursing home, as an activity supervisor. Then you could paint with the elder people and I had a lot of time to do my own work. “

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Schuit works intuitively. It starts in her head with an image that she draws. She leaves the drawing for a while: is it worth it? how big will I make it? what fits best? Thus she has an original drawing of each painting. The original image does not change during the making. Her style gradually evolved from figurative to abstract because she discovered that she could express herself better in that way.

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The exhibition includes her most recent work: graphic, precise, completely abstract, while every works still expresses feeling. The paintings have titles such as ‘There once was’, ‘That’s the way it is’ and ‘Who’s afraid of Marianne Schuit’.

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Arrival of the Venus shells
Walking along the paintings I see ‘Resurrection’ (1966) a complete black painting, in the middle a black sun with wavy lines around it, ‘Lust for Life’ (2014) with colored balls, ‘Ariadne’, a purple circle and purple vibrations around it ‘And all the nuances in between’ (1994), a colored work in braid pattern. In addition, very figurative work, surrealistic, a number of people in a certain configuration. There are several frames around the main work that form a nice combination with the central image. “When I started working abstract, the figures disappeared. But I wanted to keep those figures. I started painting drawings with figures – in oil paint, as in all my work – and provided it with a nice frame. The drawings, on paper, I stuck on the canvas.

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It produced beautiful works such as ‘It is in the family’, ‘Arrival of the Venus shells’ and ‘Datura’.
I also see sculptures with mainly female figures. “I have been studying with Ingrid Pijl for five years. I stopped that. I do not make sculptures anymore, I would have to have an extra studio for that.” She did not do anything for two years. “It was because of the death of my husband, but now I’m doing a lot of work again. I have made many works, a part has been sold to enthusiasts, a part is at the Art Lending (Kunstuitleen), some I have at home and the rest can be seen here in the gallery. “

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What is, finally, her philosophy? “Painting is a way to express yourself. You have freedom, you can choose the colors you want and the shape you want. You have your own job, you do not have to account to anyone. What else do you want?”


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