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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 151 - Bhanu Palam

bhanu palam – 1, Fabric Of The Cosmos

World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 151 – Bhanu Palam
Bhanu Palam’s work is a mixture of spirituality, astronomy and the cosmos. Spirituality is a subject very true to her. She is a Trekkie (Star Trek Show) and a Sci-Fi fan. Bhanu Palam: “All these connections led me here to discover and uncover my passion in life.”
Bhanu Palam was born in India in 1972 and moved in 1978 to Long Island, New York, USA, along with her family. Since ten years, 2007, she is back in India, living in Chennai.

bhanu palam – 2, Colour Study

India, Chennai
Bhanu: “Being home in Chennai, India feels like medicine needed for my evolvement. India has an epic history that is so inspiring with many traditional scriptures and teachings still being practised today. I explored the philosophies of yoga and meditation as ways to heal the Self and then brought that into my art, combining the vivacity of freedom – expressed in my use of colour – with harmony.”
Having lived in both the USA and India, she has absorbed the extraordinary and vibrant cultures of these countries. “The USA, to me, is the land of freedom and dreams and hope is a valued concept. This really struck with me in my formative years and I witnessed how great and diverse a country America was.”

bhanu palam – 3, Indecisive Communications

In America she grew up in a working class family. She has been creating and painting since she can remember. “Back in grade school it was an escape from reality.” She fell in love and married young and had two sons. A career path was put on hold for a long time. “So I patiently awaited to pursue. Eventually, time came. Now both children are adults who do not require caretaking. It was through many trials and errors that has brought me to being an artist. I learned that time was necessary to make me who I am today.”

bhanu palam – 4, Enjoy This Moment

With no formal education background, she was longing to hone her art skills. “But I was not prepared to be separated from my family in any circumstances. I asked my key supporter in life, my husband Sekar, that I would like to attend Sotheby’s Institute of Art for a Contemporary Art course.” He agreed, she did the course and received a certificate in Contemporary Art from this institute in 2012.

bhanu palam – 5, Merged For Now

The course wasn’t long. “I learned about the culture of Contemporary Art. Then I realized to amalgamate both cultures into my art. It was so obvious to use my life experience into my work. I was given all the raw materials and tools by my husband. I looked to the Visionary Artists that shaped me.”

bhanu palam – 6, Mosaic Paradise

Gustav Klimt and Joan Mitchell
Two artists who were important for her are Gustav Klimt and Joan Mitchell. “I regularly do yoga and love henna (a form of art). I thought combining these two would be a beautiful part of my art. Then one by one things started to form shape. I was confident in my work. I felt there was a narrative to explain.”

bhanu palam – 7, Never Ending Consequences

Asked for a key work she points to a painting that has a similar style of Joan Mitchell. This influenced her to take a unique approach. Bhanu: “I wanted my own twist: my own USP.”
She experienced doing art as challenging. “I tried to convince the Art World about paintings. Somedays it was good some days it wasn’t. But my focus was creating timeless art regardless if it was cherished or celebrated. I am on Earth in this lifetime to alter people’s emotions. That was the gift I possess.”

bhanu palam – 8, Oblivious Frequencies

She makes the works in a studio built by her husband. “Funded solely by him. His belief made me stronger. I further relied on a few members of the family. I do not seek others. I go on my own course. Art saved my life. It transformed me. Words cannot justify the essence of my soul. It is the fundamental part of my being. I think of creating art as a process of enveloping my inner peace. I practice yoga and meditation regularly on a daily basis. Afterwards, I paint what I received from my meditations. Each stroke on canvas is brought by The Supreme Creator. You can say my art is composed by God.”

bhanu palam – 9, Scribilling Traffic

Every day she wakes up, she seeks to fulfill the purpose of her life, believing that each day will be conquered. “One must remember that the present is a gift and I urge everyone not to take that moment for granted. If life is sour, make it sweet and your responses will impact many. Rest assured that like other negative conditions, यह भी गुजर जाएगा (“This too shall pass”).”

bhanu palam – 14

Finally, as far as has not been said, her philosophy. Bhanu: ”My philosophy is simple: Be kind. We all have a journey. Everyone is going through this life. Some will understand and some may not. If they don’t, just empathize. It is evolution. One fine day, they will see and it will be glorious. Till then enjoy this beautiful life!”
Images: 1) Fabric Of The Cosmos, 2) Colour Study, 3) Indecisive Communications, 4) Enjoy This Moment, 5) Merged For Now, 6) Mosaic Enterprise, 7) Never Ending Consequences, 8) Oblivious Frequencies, 9) Scribilling Traffic, 10) Bhanu Palam 

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