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 World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 411 - Adrie van der Ven Revisited


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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 411 – Adrie van der Ven Revisited
I saw the latest works by Adrie van der Ven at CoCasa, a green meeting place in Amsterdam/IJburg, a whole new neighborhood in Amsterdam. Before entering, I had walked along Lumièrestraat for a while and came across an enchanting view of all water. It turned out to be the IJmeer, behind it lies the fortress island of Pampus and the Markermeer.

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The new works by Adrie van der Ven were in the middle of the plants. The whole house of hostess Janneke Verwey was green. There were plants everywhere, in the front room, the main room and outside, behind the glass. In the midst of all that greenery, Adrie’s paintings stood out well. They were all powerful images. Below was a short text for explanation.
I had interviewed Adrie before, that was about 10 years ago. He was happy to explain the current work.

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Adrie: “I have colorful work because it is based on people’s passion and life, people are contrasting and colorful. The central theme in my work is ‘experience’. That is also the reaction of many visitors, they say it touches them. The abstraction of the images makes them universal. As a result, the expressiveness becomes more intense because it comes in differently for each individual.”

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Experience or inspiration is the essence of existence, according to Adrie. “Being inspired by something is motivating and creates desire and dynamism. It also helps to determine your position, both with regard to yourself as an individual and with regard to the environment.”

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Abstract concept becomes concrete
Does Adrie have a key work, a work that initiated a new development? It turns out that he does not have a specific work that qualifies for this, but an underlying notion that is reflected in all his works. “Themes such as ‘dedication’ or ‘beating heart of cultures’ turn out to be convertible into images. An abstract concept becomes concrete through color and shape. This seems to come across to the viewers. I read it in their findings in the review notebook, in which they can write something down. They seem to recognize themselves in the painting, and also in the title with explanatory text.”

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In 2014 Adrie van der Ven had his first exhibition at gallery Arps&Co in Amsterdam-West. Before that, he was an apprentice for years with Rob Hessels, Magda Zimmerman, Paula Vermeulen, Cas Waterman and Pavel Sizov. “All skilled artists by profession, professionals, who teach realistic model drawing / painting, in classical technique with ‘high and deep’ and composition and painting technique.

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In the neighborhood where I live I participated in the open studio route for years and there were exhibitions at Isitra by Reina Oversteegen, at the MLB gallery in Amsterdam-West, in Vlijmen at the artists’ collective and now in 2023 at CoCasa by Janneke Verweij in IJburg. ”

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Finally, does Adrie have an artistic philosophy? He has. “My artistic philosophy has been molded by the teachers, ‘The touch of the brush with the canvas is the only certainty you have’, said Rob Hessels. “Work fast, move smoothly,” said Magda and Pavel. I see that in my work. Painting is a struggle, the result of which ultimately arises on the canvas mainly from itself.”
1) Rebirth, 70 x 90 oil on canvas, 2) Element 70 x 90 oil on canvas, 3) Wave, 90 x 120 oil on canvas, 4) Beating Heart of Cultures, 70 x 90 oil on canvas, 5) Mindfulness, 30 x 30 oil on canvas, 6) Passion, 30 x 30 oil on canvas, 7) Dedication, 70 x 90 oil on canvas, 8) Glow, Oil 30 x 40 on canvas



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