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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 112 – Sergej Jakovlev

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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 112 – Sergej Jakovlev
Sergej Jakovlev is a Russian artist who lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden. He often works with Antonina Shypotilo, ‘my talented apprentice’. Together they perform the project ‘A Visible Humanness’.
When painting, Sergej Jakovlev makes large movements. With a palette knife he brings the colors – often blue, yellow, green, purple – on the canvas. We see images of wilderness, lakes in forests, seas, occasionally people. When he paints he feels happy. Art is, in his opinion, similar to humanness.

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Restore the prestige of art
In 2003 he and other artists founded an organization , the ‘International Society of Artists’ (ISA). “We established it in the third Year of the New Millennium at the Florence Biennale. At that time we were sure that the New Millennium should be a new tolerant era, that the world would be devoid of wars and meaningless conflicts, an era of humanistic perspective.”

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Through ISA he wanted to restore the prestige of art. “If you want to do that, you have to change the status of the artists. An artist is not the incomprehensible hermit, who has been accidently discovered and is then studied by specialists. An artist is neither a prudent tradesman, who carefully and consistently creates his or her career on the commercial art market.”

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If artists are taken seriously, and Sergej and ISA are working hard on that, people will listen to them. “The role of art is to change the world for the better. This is a new humane thinking, a new era of humanistic freedom, a geopolitical climate change. The artists will be thinking loudly about human nature, about the stereotypes in society, about a spiritual slavery and spiritual freedom. Art is life. Life is richer and more interesting than any concepts.”

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The Project
Sergej is never without inspiration. “I have worked regardless of any demands of the art market and the wishes of the galleries. Many of us obey to management / PR forces. We listen to all their imperative recommendations and regularly visit the Temple of All Brands. In this way we are similar to the people of Ancient Rome, when they were visiting the Temple of All Gods, because there was a concept at the time of humans depending on all god’s.”

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Sergej Javolev made about 700 paintings this way. Except ISA, he and Antonina developed a plan that he calls ‘The Project A Visible Humanness’. “We would like to show all the 1000 of our paintings at one big show. I would like to name this show ‘To Make Humanism Visible’.

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St. Petersburg
He considers his life before his artlife as a prelude. “I existed on the advices of others. They advised how people should live.” When he found out that his vocation was art, it was 1980, and he stopped to attend the Technical University and changed to the Pedagogical University in St. Petersburg, speciality education of Fine Art. He found there a teacher in the person of Vitaly Stasevich, who taught Fine Art. From 1981 till 1986 Sergej followed his studies there. “Vitaly Stasevich convinced me to follow my vocation independently of any circumstances.”

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He continued his art education in St. Petersburg. In the years following, from 1987 till 1993, he was studying at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. His teacher was an artist, and professor of the Academy, Victor Reikhet. “He became a friend, he is an example for me of such a meaning of life – to be an artist.”

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Asked for his philosophy he says: “One thing is clear for everyone. In places where culture and art are forgotten, there is hatred, conflicts, wars, sorrow and death. There where art and culture are present, there is life, inspiration, development, progress, love and happiness.”

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International Society of Artists (ISA), Sanatoriegatan 84
41653 Göteborg
Images: 1) Sergej Jakovlev, 2) Antonina Shypotilo, 3) Blue Tree, 4) Carnival, 5) Green, 6) Hello Red Ant and your Wife, 7) Imitation, 8) Night Beach, 9) Sergej & Antonina, 10) Portrait of Antonina

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