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British musicians compose global Peace song


By Chris Dove

Countdown has started to “Ever Changing World”, a Gala event for the Peace, Justice and Security Foundation at The Hague, starring a string of international musical talent led by my mate and mentor, Dario Poli, Mijas (Spain)-based cultural ambassador.

We don’t usually associate The Hague in the Netherlands with music – yet the timing of “Ever Changing World” couldn’t be better.

Promoting awareness about peace, justice and security to all age groups and communities, the Foundation looked to local resident Dario to spearhead the Gala on 5th September, with A-List guests from the silver screen and human rights campaigns among the select audience.

Not content wearing his composer, artist and writer hats, Diplomat Magazine reported Dario’s invitation by Foundation co-founder, Florence Olara.

His task: “To write an original song which captures the essence of The Hague as a city and for the need for peace, justice and security to be applied uniformly and globally for all.”

A tall order which Dario readily accepted, drawing on Scottish fellow musician David Mairs, co–author of “Amsterdam the Musical”. Bringing his vast experience and theatrical flair to bear, Mairs’ brilliant lyrics match Dario’s music, evoking the spirit of the song and the Foundation’s ambitions to make this world a better place.

Dario also brought in renowned British musical director David Redston, friend, conductor and arranger boasting a catalogue as long as your arm, from feature films “Rambo: First Blood” to “Priest of Love” with Sir Ian McKellen.

Two of Andalucía’s most creative talents produced an original painting for the event and the song’s CD cover: Mugge Fischer from Denmark and Ose del Sol, a Marbella-based Spanish painter, joint owners of highly regarded design company Grupo Artenovum.

The result?

“Combining many different influences into one fantastically dramatic song.”

An inspiring and uplifting piece of music we feel truly reflects the values and aspirations of the Gala,” David Redston explains.

“A magnificent work of art, for a great cause in which we’re proud to be participating,” added Mugge Fischer.

Dario deserves recognition when Andalusian authorities handout regional promotion gongs in 2017.

Image: Diplomat Magazine

READ MORE, “Ever Changing World”, Diplomat Magazine, 07/08/16,

This post by Chris Dove, UNESCO UK committee member, 1999-2003, Málaga 

Chris Dove

(BA Hons Economics), international business writer and editorial director, Pro Write and Edit.

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