you’ve told me once that you’re amazed

by the unique texture of my heart

that is so dual and complex

consisting of so many layers

when you’ve asked me to name

for you my favourite colors

and my soul sincere desires

I answered without much thinking:

-“I guess black and white

and talking to God”

and then I blushed and added quickly

“Your lips – the passion fruit.

A turning point from which all begins.

The sacrum and profanum.

The sweet source of original sin”

you said that you needed

something more substantial

you needed more than words

and I knew you wanted me

to guide you as no matter

what you do you always care

for a good and well prepared start

so this is when I begun

to instruct

both rituals praying and kissing

shall be spontaneous but still

conducted in accordance with art

while listening to the heart

first you need to close your eyes

then I switch off the light

in the chamber of your spirit

observing in growing delight

how all the itchy worries of the day

all the uninvited concerns

begin drifting away

If you decide to pray for love

you need to kneel and fold your hands

hoping it will finally put down the roots

and stop acting like another house

of sands or house of cards

hoping I will see it transform one day

into real building made of bricks and wood

with large windows admitting lots of light

and if you’re in mood for a kiss

you always have to make sure

your lips are close to mine

acting wild and slightly immature

both praying and kissing

without a real dedication

without letting the heart speak

without letting

it play its part

are hollow acts divorced

from any constructive function

I really know what I am

talking about

and I say it with zero



to love without commitment

it is like telling the truth

with crossed fingers

behind the back

without looking straight

in the eye

it is like planning a dangerous

trip to the tropical forest

when you’re perfectly happy

with a short walk

to a small local park

it is like being and living

with somebody that

you can easily imagine

living without

you see where I am getting at?

all it would be just

l’art pour l’art


l’art pour l’art

Anna H. Lucy Kazmierczak is a Polish poetBorn in 1985 in Ostrow Wielkopolski, Poland Anna started to write poetry as a teenager.

In 2006 as a student of Dutch literature and language at the University of Wroclaw, published her first book of poetry’ Calling God For Poetry.’
Anna is influenced by existentialist like Camus and Sartre as well as Kafka and Dostoyevsky, who she says unfold the “bare truth” behind our most common dilemmas of being. She writes both about the work of painters including Van Gogh, Monet and Picasso as well as the work of European and American contemporary artists.
Since the beginning of this year Anna has being writing poems exclusively about artists and art and is the author of “Poetry District” at ‘Visions Libres Magazine’.Besides literature, Anna’s interests are art, travelling, fashion and design. She is literate in Polish, English and Dutch and speaks German.

Photos by Roy Gunnels  www.roygunnels.com

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