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Amazon Releases Actual Tigers - William Crawford

Dear Friends, Fiends and Poetry Lovers,

Many of you are probably familiar with the work of William Crawford, but if you aren’t, I strongly recommend acquainting yourselves with his inspiring & influential poetry. This year, Edgar & Lenore’s had the pleasure & absolute honor of publishing his new book Actual Tigers which has just been released.

“Undoubtedly one of the most important collections I’ve read in recent years, ‘Actual Tigers’, by William Crawford, bolts from the cage with the kind of energy and drive that can only come from deep moral conviction. Poets have always examined what it means to be human. Crawford asks what it would mean to be better humans–to live with deep responsibility towards all that is sentient in this world. I can only hope that more poets will follow his lead.”
– Melissa Studdard, bestselling author of Six Weeks to Yehidah, winner of the Forward National Literature Award

Amazon Releases Actual Tigers

Below is the official press release which includes a sneak peek of a few poems from this intensely moving new collection. Please support our efforts by sharing this email post with all your poetry loving friends. Sincere gratitude in advance.

“Upon reading the musings of William Crawford, one would likely assume he has Calliope, Melpomene and Thalia on speed dial. While his poems are always written with a sense of elevated principle and conviction, his poetry never crosses the bridge into the land of self-righteous didacticism.  Crawford’s poems are certainly lush with wisdom & moral fortitude, but never overbearing or judgemental; his poetic compass always guides him to a higher plain.

While this is all true, Actual Tigers goes beyond being a poetically inspired moral lesson. This collection contains poems of life experience, humor and the rawness of human emotion, showcasing the gravity of our touch, in both physicality and a metaphorical sense.

In story-telling poems such as, The Noble Rise Above and Head On, Crawford’s use of tangible storyline and sagacious honesty make the following two poems stand out. Even those unfamiliar with poetry will find value in what the author has to share.

Crawford spins the journey of Coltrane’s first Paris performance into song in The Noble Rise Above. Both cinematic and inspiring, this poem is one to mark the era.”

Please take a poetic pause & read the full Press release on the link below.


~  Apryl Skies~
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