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Kunsthaus-Berlin-Marbella - A Cultural Centre


With the establishment  of „Kunsthaus-Berlin-Marbella„ in 1994, it was necessary  to make a  private purchase of a building  to  host  artists from around the world, now has a second 600 square meters structure  to continue  creating artistic contexts,  generate knowledge and  spread them in  society.
To advance is a core mission of supporting  artistic approaches,  the program creates an innovative  environment between public exhibitions and thinking lines.  “Kunsthaus-Berlin-Marbella”  ambition is to identify and cultivate the race of international roster of visionary and historically significant artists. We want to support artists working in new and challenging forms who are likely to impact contemporary art and culture.


With the support of specialists curators and leading intellectual in this field, we seek to present these artists in a representative context so for this to accelerate their influences and value in the market.
So, all this faced to implement and to re-define  a performance space  where  the art   always has to be alive in a contemporary society that is in continuous evolution.

The launching of the program  emerge because of the  concerning  demand between the social partners and the exclusive  artistic field endeavour, so for this „Kunsthaus-Berlin-Marbella“ provided a suitable environment for artistic expression, however,  in Berlin as in Marbella so contemporary art and its deliberation will develop in freedom.

The centre provides an unparalleled platform to display artistic artworks in a regular base with the purpose for  calling of awards, conferences and cultural concerts; all straight away to call public attention, where art should have the opportunity to be run out without censor and for this shall be understood the way art is in all its disciplines.
The unanimous result of this reflection is to encourage actions that increase and re-define this space to exhibit art, live through art and feel art.

Nely Meyer

Polígono La Campana local 2 Nueva Andalucia
c.p. 29679 Marbella, Spain.

Chief Director & writer
Friedrich Foundation

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