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I was born on the 4th of July 1977 in Medellín, Colombia. From an early age I had a passion for art as a form of expression where I could convey the emotion and sentiment into image. I have lived in Marbella for several years and it is here where I have painted almost everything that I am exhibiting. Marbella has been a great inspiration for me with its light, vibrant colours, magic, beauty and life giving my paintings an abstract view point. My paintings as my life reflects the special relationship i have with this beautiful place i call home. I hope that through my paintings you can also see the light, colours and magic that inspired them and that they can be displayed in Arte Marbella

About my paintings

I try to express the world that I experience with paintings of sad looks, others full of life and hope. Still I always try to let the happiness float throughout and behind the colors.

People normally think of my paintings as full of magic, fantasy and happiness.

Some of the paintings reflex shyness and others courage. There is also tranquility as well as movement. Still there is always space left for different interpretation.

I always hope that people like my paintings, at least that they don’t go unnoticed. I don’t want to make people afraid but I hope some how they can look at the world through my paintings with some imagination.

Las amantes de Venecia

How I work

I never knew whether the world of art where I work and live, was chosen by me or if It actually chose me.


I have managed to find an atmosphere that lets me connect with all the elements that I need to paint. My studio is small and large at the same time. It allows me to see the sky when I paint. The sky accompanies me when it
Is day with its light and, when it is crying or melancholic or at night with its starts and moon. The sky is therefore always reflected in my paintings with its colours and lights.

Even though all each face, object and instrument comes from my imagination and thought, I do believe that they might exist.
Whether it is the start of finishing of my paintings it is always with passion. I never know when I start, whether it will be a small or large painting. I still always know that every time I start a new painting, it comes from my true heart feelings and imagination.

Studies: Drawing and painting lessons with my father, painter too. Academia de Arte Rozo Medellín.

School of Fine Arts, Medellín.

Natalia sax



I like to mix different textures pastels, oils, acrylics and use different tools. 

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