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'The Accidental Psychic'- The Early Days of Mark Bajerski


Mark Bajerski

My name is Mark Bajerski and up until three years ago I was an ordinary guy living an ordinary life in Yorkshire, with my wonderful wife and daughter. We decided to move to Mijas Pueblo to seek an easier life, but the only thing I found was desperate sadness. I spent weeks trying to figure out what was making me feel so sad, to no avail.

My wife was on the brink of leaving me because she thought she was the cause of my sadness. However, the more I realized it wasn’t her, nor where I was living, the more depressed I felt. My life had become a vicious circle, which proved to be the deepest, darkest moment of my life.

Then one day, by chance, I met a lady called Inga, who invited me to meet some of her friends. I accepted the invitation and this transpired to be the turning point in my life. Inga had noticed something within me that has now become the way I live and for that I’m truly thankful.
I sat in a room with Inga’s friends to discover that this wasn’t just a social gathering, but a meeting of very powerful healers from Denmark. I was asked to close my eyes, then with no warning they all made the sound ‘om, om, om.’ I freaked out and thought maybe I could make a dash for the door, but I thought again because they may have locked me in and then I’d have looked pretty silly. The dinning table was covered with plates of cakes, so I thought, ‘Just hang on in there and at least you’ll get to enjoy some of those.’ After what seemed like about half an hour they stopped, opened their eyes and started chatting in Danish.

Inga smiled and asked, “What did you see, Mark?”
“I didn’t see anything,” I said. “My eyes were closed…well at least for a short time.”
“Mark, what did you see when your eyes were closed?” Inga asked again.
I thought for a minute and recalled something strange, but I didn’t say anything.
“Inga still thinks you saw something,” said another lady.
“Well,” I said, preparing for everyone to laugh at me. “I saw an old man’s face. He had white hair and a beard and he was laughing at me.”
The room fell silent and I felt like a right twit. Then Inga told me what this night was all about. She said they were all healers and that night they were sending healing to an old man with white hair and a beard, who smiled yesterday for the first time since his illness.
“So you see,” said Inga. “You saw the person we were healing.”

From that moment on my path changed forever. As if by magic powerful psychics and healers appeared in my life to help me on my magical journey. I enjoyed being a pupil for the first time in my life and everything that I learnt made perfect sense. I’d found my path, or I should say my path had found me! Magical events occurred daily, but they didn’t make me stop and wonder. Instead I took them all in my stride and when you read about these true events in future columns, you’ll no doubt find them hard to believe.

Whenever something magical happens in my life I always feel I’m better off keeping it to myself, because these events are so unreal that you couldn’t make them up, even if you tried.
So here I am, three years on, and my life is filled with joy and excitement. I no longer fear my future and I no longer hold on to my past. I have surrendered myself to what the universe has in store and it’s usually pretty full on.
I’ve been given the name ‘The Accidental Psychic’, which seems to fit nicely, for my journey has been one big accident which I embrace with thanks. I give readings all over the world. Recently I was flown to Germany to give healing to a lady who called for my help.

happiness,People are now coming to me from around the world for healing. I’ve just appeared on TV in thirteen different countries, I read for Hollywood stars, directors and the list goes on. To top all this off, this year my own book will hit the shelves, hand in hand with a world tour.
The real reason I’m telling you all this is because there’s a deep message in my story. If anyone out there is lost, with no real idea why they are sad, then take comfort in my magical story, for like me, the universe hears your cries for help and answers you when the time is right. We all deserve happiness. My happiness took 40 years to appear. Believe this year will be filled with understanding beyond our wildest dreams and happiness beyond that which our minds can feel. Our key to happiness is within us; no one can give you the happiness you deserve…only you and you alone can find it.
In the next issue I’ll share some of my amazing true stories, which will lift your hearts, give you hope, bring tears of joy and give you a deep understanding of what life can bring, if only we open our eyes to the signs.

Until next time dear friends….and remember, happiness is an inside job! 

Mark Bajerski

They call him The Accidental Psychic. Mark lives and works from the heart, which is immediately evident to anyone who steps into his energy.

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