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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 419 - Kameliya Markovska

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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 119 – Kameliya Markovska
In Lokatie Laurier in Amsterdam I saw the work of several recently graduated artists from Willem de Kooning Academy, amongst whom was Kameliya Markovska. I saw beautiful drawings and cremics made by her. Above all she is a ceramist. She is originally from Sofia, Bulgaria.

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Kameliya has a very down-to-earth feeling for things, she says. “I like to take a step back and try to see what reality has to offer.” She works with clay and she uses pencils and paint to draw. “I have a feeling for shapes and like to play with them in one way or another, a dance of natural shapes on the sheet of paper.” For inspiration, she goes to the botanical garden, among other places.

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The freedom of coincidence
“I love exploring the freedom of coincidence that happens when I start working on a piece. When I draw or shape larger pieces by hand, it’s also a way to meditate.

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It has a mending effect, it is, as it were, a healing process. I want to relive that process the next day. If you look closely at my drawings, you can see every stroke of the pencil on them and, if you look even closer, you will see how much fun I had while making them.”

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She studied animation at Willem de Kooning Academy. “The best works I made were stop motion.” She likes to use an analog camera and listen to blues and rock music, during work, but also outside of it.

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Does Kameliya have a key work?
She has. It is the series of floral designs she started in August 2022. “I started exploring this pattern about two years ago and slowly I got to where I am today. This inner feeling for interwoven shapes and fine details shows up in my drawings, but also in my ceramics.”

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She pays a lot of attention to the details, but that doesn’t mean she’s a perfectionist. “I don’t mind if it has a crack or a spot. That makes things interesting and ensures that the viewer takes a closer look and wonders whether it is correct. It also shows that the work is done, that I have taken my hands off it, even though ceramics is pre-eminently a hands-on technique.”

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How long has Kameliya been an artist?
She started her artistic practice in 2015. It took her a while to find out what she really liked to do. In Sofia (where she comes from) she started going to art classes while still in high school. “At the time I was in a program called IB, which was intensive classes at a high level. I really wanted to be an artist, so I decided to do only half of the IB degree with only three levels, instead of six, and dedicate my time to art.”

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She is extremely grateful to Tsonka Pavlova and Adrian Voivodovi, her art teachers in Sofia. “You can’t have anyone better than them as mentors and teachers.” She then moved to Rotterdam and graduated as a BA in animation at Willem de Kooning Academy. She is now based in Amsterdam.

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The exhibition in Amsterdam was her first official exhibition out of the context of the education system. 

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