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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 361 - Dorien Mos

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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 361 – Dorien Mos

I saw abstract works by Dorien Mos in the exhibition ‘Reflections’ in the MLB gallery. Dorien Mos reflected on life and nature together with two other artists. Dorien’s works, combined with those of the other two: ceramic sculptures by Sandrina Kreek and also abstract works by Madelon de Keizer, brought the whole to a high level.

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Dorien Mos’ great source of inspiration is the power of nature. Nature is a symbol of life in all its facets. She works without a plan, but lets the colors and shapes tell the story. It is a story of emptiness, silence, renewal, warmth and always hope.

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From figurative to abstract

Mos has been painting since 2006. Quite a while she followed lessons with the visual artist Fred Boven. Her work changed from figurative to abstract, using oil paint as a medium. Dorien: “I worked figuratively for a long time. That worked well, but at a certain point I felt limited in that. I had to go beyond the form and start working semi-abstract first and then even more abstract.”

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It resulted in a feeling of freedom. “That felt so good, as if I was moving more and more towards the formless.” A new work does not just happen. It starts with an atmosphere and then she chooses one/two colors to start. Mixing and other colors expands her palette. Those colors often emanate from nature: landscapes, seas and skies. Sometimes she recognizes something while working on it.

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The light

The light is very important. “I always try to get that into the painting. The sun, the moon, light behind the clouds. The universe. Making the invisible visible. I am intrigued by skies.

The light also reflects my inner self. Who am I beyond form? It is the spiritual aspect: I in myself and I outwardly, to the other. It comes from within, so what I show is very intimate.”

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You need the light to see the dark. “Light is strength, but also comfort and hope. Very topical now.” She often works with the brush, but also with the palette knife. It’s trying again and again, every time anew. “It is often a surprise to me what emerges.”

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Key moment

Does Dorien have a key work, a work that marked a turning point? She has not so much a key work as a key moment. “That was when I stopped taking painting lessons. I had been taught for seven years. An urge had arisen to work independently, to develop my own style, and it did not matter whether the result was beautiful or ugly. That has continued to this day. Painting is also daring.”

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What is her experience of the art life?

“I couldn’t do without painting. If I haven’t painted for two weeks, I get pretty cranky. It’s like I’m not alive. Painting is often confrontational, but also healing, and gives something that I do not experience in other situations.”

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Before she was taught by Fred Boven, she was taught by the sculptor Joop Hollander. She was not yet thirty then. She could even go to the Rietveld Academy. But that didn’t seem right to her with three very small children. Later she did ceramics for another three years at MK24. “If only my hands could make something. At the time, I still thought that painting was not for me. That turned out to be different.”

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Artist associations

Dorien is affiliated with kunstRUIM Amsterdam. A platform where 125 Amsterdam artists are affiliated. See the website. “KunstRUIM promotes its artists through social media and large exhibitions, such an exhibition is held once a year. KunstRUIM also has a gallery where members can exhibit.” Dorien exhibited there in November 2021.

She is also a member of, where her work can be viewed extensively on her own page. She was also chairperson of Meerkunst, the Amsterdam artists’ association, for three years. Unfortunately, this association was dissolved a year ago.

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