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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 235 - Marianne Venderbosch

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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 235 – Marianne Venderbosch
Marianne Venderbosch is at the same time artist and gallery owner with a great interest in the international art world. She exhibited her own work at art fairs in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai and Rome and hung at exhibitions in Treviso, Venice and Yogyakarta. Last year she launched her own pop-up gallery with the name ‘Venderbosch Gallery’. With this she was at the Affordable Art Fair in New York and at World Art Dubai. During World Art Dubai she received the second prize in the category for galleries.

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I speak to her in the Douwe Egberts Café behind Central Station The Hague. She has spent a month in an artist residency in Portugal, she says. She was in The Hague to arrange visas for future trips and longer stays, including in Indonesia.

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Inspiration year
“This year I consider it a year of inspiration, a year in which I look for new ways of presenting my own work in combination with that of others. Where, with whom and in what form I am going to exhibit.” Until now, Venderbosch Gallery has represented Marianne’s paintings and the work of two other artists: Marcel van Campen (the Netherlands) with sculptures in wood, metal and bronze and Nguyen Thi Hoang Minh (Vietnam) with colorful paintings on silk. Artists will be added in new future exhibitions.

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Marianne works in series. She examines something new in every series. For a number of years she worked a lot in black and white techniques with acrylic paint or chalk. Large formats, preferably to direct perception and model on a background of black white or gray. Large, direct and figurative. She investigates the effect of her technique on the observation of the viewer and concludes that the substrate is of great importance. In 2016 she decides to paint on a gold leaf surface.

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In the Golden Treasures series, she investigates the effect of an oil painting technique on a surface of 24 carat gold leaf. For this series she selects the faces of Mary and the angel from the painting ‘Madonna in the Grotto’ by Leonardo da Vinci and the face of Venus and the portrait of ‘Simonetta Vespucci’ by Sandro Botticelli. “The effect is fantastic. The portraits, which have been meticulously and refinedly painted with oil paint on a 24-carat gold leaf base, reflect the light in a fascinating way. The paintings change depending on the type of light, artificial or natural. The title Golden Treasures refers to the beauty of the original masterpieces and the material gold. ”

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In the series entitled Spring Collection, Marianne paints with gold leaf (glue that she gilds) in addition to the color, which produces very fresh and contrasting paintings. In this series there is no question of figuration, they are decorative areas of color that sometimes give an association with landscape and nature. Not only subject and technology are different here, but also the size. The paintings in the Golden Treasures series are small and delicate 30 x 30 cm; the paintings in the Spring Collection are 100 x 100 cm in size.

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In the Micallef Collection Spring 2019 series, the images are based on natural forms and movements: lines of gold and color on a white background on canvas without specific figuration. Marianne made this series during her stay at the artist in residence Convento de Mértola in the south of Portugal. The title of this series refers to her collaboration with the exclusive French perfume house Maison Micallef. Marianne met Martine Micallef, owner and artistic talent of Maison Micallef, during the art fair in Dubai in 2018. Martine, who was immediately charmed by the colorful painting Spring, offered Marianne the collaboration with Maison Micallef for the design of the Art Capsule Collection 2019-2020. This new limited collection is the successor of the Art Capsule collection from 2018, which was launched in collaboration with Russian pop artist Alex Doll. Marianne’s designs were chosen for the fresh and clear floral scent ‘pure extreme’. An eau de parfum consisting of rose, jasmine, pink pepper and white musk. The Art Capsule Collection 2 was launched last May during the ExpoRose event in Grasse and has since been sold worldwide and online under the name Marianne Venderbosch & M.Micallef.

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Research and technology
The subject can therefore be very different with Marianne Venderbosch. Investigating painting techniques in combination with the material gold and the final result, that is what it is all about. “In Italian portraits, for example, I use a very thin brush because the representation is very refined and the format small. I apply the layers of paint very thinly on the gold so that it shines through. That is really monks work. The substrate is very important, you don’t always see it, but you can discern it. “
In this way she investigates the possibilities of the material gold on a specific substrate. “Gold is a precious metal and reflects light in a magical way. I am interested in the way the light is reflected on the material on which I have applied the gold in different ways. What is the difference in light reflections when paint is applied over gold leaf or when the gold leaf is applied to the canvas next to paint? What effect does this have on the viewer? On white I combine color and gold, that works well, it has a calm effect. I experiment with it. That way I want to try out many more techniques in combination with gold. “
“I also started drawing on my iPad. I travel a lot and can capture impressions that I want to use later in my work. This is a whole new way of working that I am very enthusiastic about. My plans with this still have to be implemented, so I cannot show that yet. To give an impression I already put some drawings on my website. “

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Key work
Does she have a key work, a work that put her on a new track? “In fact, every series is a key work for me. Every research and every series that results from it brings me to a new next question, with a corresponding plan. That is the key, the way. “
Marianne Venderbosch (1961) graduated in 1987 from the Department of Autonomous Design, direction painting at the Academy of Industrial Design in Eindhoven. She then studied Art History at the VU in Amsterdam where she obtained her master’s in 1996. In 2006 she received her teaching qualification at the Amsterdam School of the Arts. In addition to various positions within the visual arts, she worked as an art teacher in secondary education. From 2010 to early 2019, she worked in the art trade as manager of the Portrait Shop and manager at Morren Galleries in Utrecht. From 2012 to 2016 she learned to do research in the field of visual perception at the University of Utrecht under the supervision of Prof. dr. S. Te Pas, Dr. A. van Doorn and Prof. dr. J. Koenderink. In recent years and recently fully, she concentrates on her own work and pop-up gallery.

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Finally: what is her philosophy? “I want to understand how the world works. Image and image fragmentation is a wonderful and interesting thing. How can you create something based on that? I like creating, it requires concentration and every time I learn something from it. ”
1) ‘Meditative’, acrylic paint on linen, 122 x 100 cm, 2) ‘Mood’, acrylic paint on linen, 120 x 100 cm, 3) ‘Conscious’, acrylic paint on linen, 122 x 100 cm, 4) ‘Golden treasures’, Oil on 24 carat gold leaf on panel, 30 x 30 cm, 5) ‘Golden treasures’, oil on 24 carat gold leaf on panel, 30 x 30 cm, 6) ‘Golden treasures’, oil on 24 carat gold leaf on panel, 30 x 30 cm, 7) ‘Golden treasures’, oil on 24 carat gold leaf on panel, 30 x 30 cm, 8) work Marianne Venderbosch, 9) Marianne Venderbosch 10) Venderbosch Gallery.

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