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The Exile of the Moon, a New Video Published by Ernst Kraft

The exile of the moon, a new video published by Ernst Kraft

The exile of the moon, a new video published by Ernst Kraft.
In the beginning was the word.. in his video tale Kraft has replaced the Word by mathematical symbols upon the ancient lines on the surface of the Peruvian Nazca desert. They don’t explain the inexplicable, yet they figure like characters in an abstract drama. They cling together till a giant earth-orange, half way peeled. The “peeling” of the skin of the earth is then taken over by man. And then we see suddenly in this barren landscape the moon emerging from the earth, like Athena’s birth out of the head of Zeus. That is really what is the story about: birth considered as an exile.

Ernst Kraft, Dutch artist, has been living and working for 25 years in Mijas and Malaga. He usually presents himself as a painter, which is clearly his starting point, although probably he is more known for his sculpture-like installations and constructions, which he made in Spain and abroad. He is some kind of an abstract story teller, like in the book Flatland. In his work, drawing or painting is just as important as building, filming and editing, it enhances the same concept: to reveal the beauty of symbols and abstractions.

Next April there will be on display another video by the artist, along with a light installallation, in the forthcoming group show at the MUPAM, Museo del Patrimonio Municipal de Malaga.


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Ernst Kraft

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