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Keeping updated....


Keeping updated….
(Originally published in Diario Sur in Spanish)
AJ Linn
If we were born for example in 1600 and died in 1635 (about the normal life expectancy then), from the moment we opened our eyes to the moment we closed them we would not have heard about or seen anything new. Not until the 19th century were there organised ways of propagating information. And today we are subjected to a veritable 24/7 tsunami that never stops.
I personally do not worry if I am not ‘connected’ and can live without checking my emails for the best part of a day (no longer though). Twitter and the like play no part in my life, but any activity, however undemanding, requires a certain amount of connectivity so the trick is to be selective.
In a few minutes therefore I learn that in the La Línea district of La Atunara (that bit on the way to Gibraltar), it is the flying fish season, and the locals hang the fish up to dry outside their houses before putting them on sale at roadside kiosks. Did you know there is now a little instrument to get wine out of a bottle, in drinking quantities, without drawing the cork so the wine never goes off? And what will be the stopper of the future? Glass screw caps; several bodegas are already experimenting with these.  Better than cork they say and far sexier- looking.
Wine-makers must be concerned about the Wine Wizard, a US invention that can make a young wine taste like a 20-year old reserva in 60 minutes. It also works with brandy and whisky. No-one will need those ageing barrels any more. I have previously written about wine-in-a-box and am a firm fan. Now a Marbella company is marketing a three-litre ‘box’ of wine that looks like a ladies’ handbag, complete with inbuilt tap. What better to have at your side when you find yourself in a restaurant where they want to charge you 20 euros for a house wine that cost them two and tastes awful?
Yes, best to stay up to date with things like these….. 

AJ Linn

Andrew Linn left England 40 years ago to relocate to Spain, having been involved in businesses such as wine shipping and publishing. He currently writes regularly and professionally on wine, food, flamenco, and the Spanish way of life for various publications, and has a regular column in a Spanish newspaper. Andrew is involved in charity work relating to abandoned and mistreated animals.

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