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Danova revives NOSTRADAMUS with Eurovision Engelbert and ZGuitarz

Proving that the message behind good song lyrics never dies, Pro Write and Edit are pleased to announce that we were among the first Costa del Sol outlets to hear the good news that the remixed NOSTRADAMUS rock and dance track – sung by UK Eurovision entrant Engelbert Humperdinck, written by Marbella promoter Dario Poli and record Producer Roberto Danova, and produced by Roberto Danova at London’s Plaza Records Ltd – is topping 180 European radio playlists.

Roberto Danova

Composer Dario’s early morning call revealed his pleasant surprise at receiving Roberto’s email, saying:

“Dear Dario,

I am pleased to confirm that the above track is officially released on the Plaza label on the recording NOSTRADAMUS – Engelbert Humperdinck with ZGuitarz. A Europe-wide radio promotion to over 180 stations is underway and your assistance as co-writer of the composition will, of course, be very welcome and valuable.

Thank you and kind regards,

Roberto Danova – Plaza Records Ltd.”

This led to Pro Write’s NOSTRADAMUS sound check over Easter, knowing good dance music when we hear it! Our unbiased opinion? This is a double achievement pleasing rock AND dance fans in one neat tune. Increasingly uptempo Gregorian chants give way to melodic background choruses which hauntingly repeat and reverberate around your head, before the club mix lets out piercing guitar riffs and driving drumlines – great at maximum volume on an open road (driver or not).

Nostradamus -Drawing by Dario Poli pub: Carnell Ltd London

Dario and famed international record producer and arranger Roberto first collaborated in London during the 90s. Deciding not to release NOSTRADAMUS back then, Dario had almost forgotten about the work created more than a decade before, as it had originally been released titled NOSTRADAMUS 1999 as instrumental music featuring Gregorian type chants. After a fortuitous meeting with Engelbert at his stately home in Leicestershire, minor changes were made on the advice of the star and his superb voice was added in a London studio. Listening to the super star singing their music was an amazing experience, Dario recalls.

They’ve turned Nostradamus’ dire warnings of terrifying and catastrophic events into a modern-day love song: “Love has the power to forgive…come and listen to him now, the world needs love and understanding and he can show you how…the future of the world is in your hands…” – exactly what environmentalists and neo-Revelationists have been preaching for years.

Ears will be pricked and all eyes open to see Engelbert’s rousing performance of ‘Love Will Set You Free’ during the Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final in Baku, Azerbaijan on 26 May.

Speaking exclusively to Pro Write on Monday, Dario said: “If Engelbert was presented at Eurovision wearing a Nostradamus cape surrounded by a young backing group, a lead guitarist, playing the Nostradamus song, he could get close to winning the competition as it wouldn’t matter that he’s got a few years on other contestants – this adds to the character of the prophet Nostradamus.”

Win or lose that night, Dinck’s showmanship and renewed exposure will ensure a positive spin-off, taking NOSTRADAMUS to the top of international charts.

The five-track CD ‘NOSTRADAMUS – Engelbert Humperdinck with ZGuitarz Vol 1’ is out now on Plaza Records ( with mp3 downloads also available soon.

Chris Dove

(BA Hons Economics), international business writer and editorial director, Pro Write and Edit.

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