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'Caso Minutas' appeal suspended due to defense attorney's illness

Pedro Apalategui, attorney for José María del Nido

The “Caso Minutas” trial, in which lawyer and FC Sevilla president José Maria del Nido and two former Marbella city leaders are defending themselves against alleged financial irregularities in Marbella City Council, has been suspended due to the illness of Del Nido’s defense counsel, Pedro Apalategui. The case is being held in Málaga Provincial Court.

The court magistrate, Carlos Prieto, has informed all parties that hearings will resume next Monday. It is likely that Apalategui will need several days to recover from a possible virus, Prieto said.

Originally, Del Nido’s attorney was scheduled to continue presenting the defendant’s statement. The parties in the trial on Tuesday completed two days of hearings before the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, Francisco Jiménez Villarejo, to compare discrepancies in financial reports.

That statement will continue when the trial resumes next week. After addressing the questions raised about the discrepancies in the financial reports, the defense team will respond to issues brought before it by the other lawyers and then will present its own defense.

There are 18 defendants appealing their convictions on charges including conspiracy, administrative malfeasance, misappropriation of public funds, and fraud and misrepresentation, among others.

Del Nido is facing 13 and a half years in prison and seven years’ disqualification from the performance of management duties or performance for companies under government contract, subsidy, or grant.

The prosecutor is asking a higher penalty for Julián Muñoz – 16 and a half years’ imprisonment and 48 years’ disqualification for crimes including conspiracy, administrative prevarication, fraud, and misappropriation of public and corporate funds. 

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