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Why Inge E. Rinkhoff is the real pearl of high-society in Marbella

Marbella – A place-name which resonates southern flair, wealth and lifestyle. Marbella lies 57 kilometres south-east of the provincial capital of Malaga on the coast of the Mediterranean. The town belongs to a comarca (administrative district, ed. note) “Costa del Sol Occidental” and offers a Mediterranean climate all year round. The rich and beautiful reside in Marbella. On the streets lined with mansions, the price of which can easily reach tens of millions, it’s one luxury car after the other. Yachts, which are by no means inferior to the price of the mansions, also take anchor in the harbour. It is here that Inge E. Rinkhoff has been living, loving and working her dream.

Inge Rinkhoff enjoying a drinkEvery second of her life is pure lifestyle – be it leisure activities, social engagements or her job. While other rich people define their lifestyle by expensive luxury items, expensive types of sports and attending events that are inaccessible to “mere mortals”, Inge considers every second of her life as a lifestyle and enjoys it – even in pursuing her profession. One could say: “Inge Rinkhoff is lifestyle”. The luxury homes realtor is well-known across Germany due to the six-part lifestyle documentary-soap “Die Perlen von Marbella” [eng. “The pearls of Marbella”], which is a special of the popular “Goodbye Deutschland [Germany]” series, which was broadcasted by television broadcaster VOX.

Inge Rinkhoff TV recordingAt the end of the miniseries it seems it wasn’t the six “pearls” of the lifestyle documentary-soap who won the hearts of most of the audience, but Inge Rinkhoff herself. This is probably because, despite her wealth, she comes across natural, friendly, human and honest. A lady, who thanks to her intelligence and charm never loses her footing nor acts arrogant. A self-made power woman, who has worked hard for her success yet somehow, remains accessible to everyone. Inge explains her recipe for success as follows: “To advance professionally, commercially and socially, I would do everything that is necessary and in doing so also ensure – I also do this – never to hurt anybody and to, above all, remain authentic.” In order to survive in Marbella’s high-society, having a model’s physique is also part of the business. That’s why Inge has been working out in the Nobel hotel Puerto Romano’s fitness club with a personal trainer for many years. A minimum fee of 400 Euro guarantees a relaxed and refined atmosphere. Here she also has her own locker and right beside her sports gear lays a business outfit. Therefore, in the event of an unexpected business or social event, there is no need for Inge to race to the other end of the town to her apartment to get changed. Flexibility is an important characteristic of the power women.

Her clothes are, needless to say, always “up to date” and of exquisite quality. There is nothing wrong with a bit of Escada from time and time and she enjoys having a collection delivered to a boutique to ensure she has enough choice. All of this is even part of the “job”, as the “pearl from Marbella” often collects potential clients from the airport and is the first impression these people get of Marbella. The right presentation is only half the battle.

Inge Rinkhoff fan photoInge Rinkhoff is also very versatile as regards her leisure activities. Working out in the fitness club isn’t enough. She loves all types of water sports, enjoys golf, dancing and is a passionate reader of the biographies of successful people. She is also very fond of art. And this was not the only reason she was, for example, photographed by the famous artist Julie Bourjeois and immortalized in a collage. The piece of art is on show in the gallery of the legendary “Marbella Club Hotels” and has provided plenty of conversation. Inge isn’t very familiar with boredom. Marbella offers enough events and Inges’ great friends – and acquaintances always have something on the cards: A polo tournament, a sailing trip on the famous regatta sailors Iñaki Castaner’s yacht or a gala, at which the high-society ladies take to the catwalk for charity. Inge Rinkhoff is an action woman and is always on the go, striving to achieve her goals. However, she is nevertheless always authentic and never sullen. In VOX’s “Marbella Special”, Inge had a colleague of hers show her around a modern 200sqm. apartment in the Sierra Blanca nestled beneath the local “La Concha” mountains (1215 meters) and fell in love with the property from the word go. The apartment has three bedrooms, a 100sq. terrace with pool, a fireplace in the spacious living area, a private dressing area including nine large closets, a luxuriously equipped kitchen and, the icing on the cake, a luxury bathroom including a jacuzzi with a view overlooking Puerto Banus marina.

Just as is the case with the apartment, this single lady has concrete ideas as far as her future partner is concerned. “He’ll have to be sporty, super-smart and wealthy, have a great personality and obviously be free,” she says with a mischievous smile and glance. Inge Rinkhoff and her live as a lifestyle. A woman who knows what she wants.

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Based on the original article from Obtainer Magazine’s 03/2010 edition.

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