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Cosmopolitan cuisine

malaga_foodMarbella is not mere a tourist paradise for its sightseeing guarded with a splendid Mediterranean weather; the resort town of Costa de Sol also offers all kinds of food choices. From traditional Andalucian to Spanish special to a variety of international cuisine, you will find almost all to go well with your gastronomic interest.

Being a sea front place, fish occupies an essential part in Marbella food. In fact, the town itself doesn’t have any specialities in terms of cuisine but it serves typical Spanish favourites with a greater inclination towards seafood. However, at every corner of the city you will find some of the finest multi-cuisine restaurants on account of the growing cosmopolitan nature.

The city has a wealth of restaurants, Italian, Indian, Chinese and special Thai eateries lined up close to all the famous tourist spots. However, going by the nature of Spain, you will find some interesting options and one can even arrange a special culinary tour in and around Marbella.

Some of the most popular Spanish dishes those are well and frequently served in Marbella are: the tapas, a snack served with alcoholic drink throughout; paella, gregarious rice dish available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian; fried fish etc. You can even taste some typical hams, available in a variety of flavours; these are key components in Spanish cuisine.

Going by the preparation of any Spanish food item, food in Marbella is spicy and richly flavoured. Primarily, tomatoes, potatoes, chilli, citrus fruit and beans are widely used in most of the popular dishes. Locals and visitors also love to have some superbly prepared chicken and shellfish delicacies along with some other which include: bacalao (salted cod), butifarra (white sausage) and chorizo (sausage).

But, the best way to taste some great cookery is to travel to any Andalucian village. In fact, the distinctive aroma of Spanish dishes lies in rural regions, especially inside Costa del Sol. Being once a fishing village, you will have a great variety of fish and seafood dishes prepared in a wooden woven releasing a flavour of its own.

Another principal and widely recognised food item of Spain, and so in Marbella, is paella. Pronounced as paeya, it’s a delicious mixed rice dish which constitutes a variety of ingredients, including different types of meat and seafood. Although its origin is linked to the Valencia region, it can be found pretty much everywhere in Spain. And again, paella in Marbella means applying the seafood formula with fish and rice in the pan.

However, over the years, the food in Marbella is greatly influenced by its own growth from a seaside village town to a flourishing cosmopolitan city. The thriving international business community and the growth of tourism as a major industry have encouraged the establishment of restaurants with some delicate foreign dishes. 

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