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The Westfield car


The Westfield is a new car that looks like a 1956 Lotus racecar and is a pure sunshine Marbella sports car. Westfield has been building these type of cars for 25 years and to celebrate their 25 year anniversary, they have launched a limited edition Jubilee of the SE model. Only 25 of each variant will be available.

This is not a luxurious car, but it’s a lot of fun to drive. The cockpit is quite roomy despite the high center tunnel. You sit virtually on top of the five-link solid rear axle, and while the ride is actually good on a smooth road, there’s so little suspension travel that a bump sends you flying when the rear dampers bottom out. Although it’s hardly a smooth ride, it adds to the fun of driving this car and makes you realize why a four-point seatbelt harness is standard.

The exhaust sounds great. A good thing, as it exits under your left elbow, and its proximity plus the heat transmitted through the center tunnel makes for toasty cockpit conditions. A whole new generation has discovered that a featherweight car is a lot more fun than a heavy one, and that great steering can be more rewarding than lots of horsepower.

The 2007 Westfield XI teaches you the Lotus lesson like few other cars can. When you move the steering wheel, you feel the front tires react. Traction control? Sure, it’s called your right foot, and it depends on how deftly you apply it to the throttle while working the steering wheel. You drive the Westfield XI every second, and if you’re the kind of driver who depends on big brakes, fat tires and an electronic stability program (or even a perfectly accurate gas gauge) to keep you out of trouble this may not be for you. However, we totally adore this car and if you are looking for a fun, frantic and responsive car to drive so will you.

Facts and Figures

The factory built Jubilee Sport model comes in Westfield colors with a metallic silver body and black wings. Powered by the 210 bhp* 2.0l Ford Duratec engine this vehicle has ever upgrade applied for the ultimate road/track vehicle.

  • Engine 2000cc, four cylinders
  • Power 210bhp @ 6700rpm
  • Torque 181 lb ft @ 5200rpm
  • Transmission Five-speed manual
  • Acceleration 0-100km/h: 3.6sec
  • Top speed 225Km/h


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