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Soulful sounds at Peace Gala, The Hague


By Chris Dove

My thoughts were rudely interrupted listening to ‘The Power of Peace’ on BBC Radio 4’s Sunday Worship as a noisy neighbour started up his/her electric power drill, consideration for others clearly not on their mind.

Thank Heavens last Monday’s inaugural Gala of The Peace, Justice and Security Foundation provided sustenance for the soul in the form of ‘Ever Changing World’, a musical composition by Dario Poli, lyricist David Mairs and producer David Redston, performed at The Hague – a far cry from the glitz and glamour of tinsel town Marbella, their regular stomping ground.

Supported by Cinema for Peace, speakers on global issues included Victor Ochen, the Youngest African Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and founder of the African Youth Initiative Network (AYINET).

Distinguished guests joining event organiser Florence Olara included actress Sharon Stone and the author of an upcoming book on Sixteen Nobel Peace Laureates, Supriya Vani, as well as Professor Mary Aiken, adviser to Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre and inspiration for the CBS Hollywood Series ‘CSI: Cyber’.

“All in all, great speeches were made by top personalities,” Dario explained, “some of whom had suffered from wars and deprivation. The experience was not only inspiring for those of us in the audience.”

Article: Chris Dove

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Chris Dove

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