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AngelGuidance - A Medium's Personal Experience

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The general public’s acceptance of my psychic gifts had over many years, before and during my years of medium-ship on Dutch TV, had led to many people of varying backgrounds, approaching me in person, by phone or email, to ask me to explain this phenomenon in my life, and of course to learn how my experiences could impact on their at times, troubled lives. These regular contacts, often allowed me to explore aspects of my inner-being and my natural tendency to want to help others in whatever way I could. So reflection with my inner-self and my conversations with the spiritual voices that came to talk to me, showed me the route, that my life could and would take.

Carolien de Bree

Carolien de Bree


If there is one important lesson I have learned from the spirits guides is that we people on this earth plane are far too serious. We take our daily lives too seriously, we think too seriously and in our minds, we make it too complex for ourselves. So the spirits decided that I should laugh more and enjoy life more. In this period of my life, I was making a new start, a new beginning. I had just moved to a new home, was looking for a new job and trying to find my new way in my life as a single mother. While I was getting to know the neighbourhood, to see what was in the general area I always took my dog with me.

Nearby there was a park, a beautiful park with lots of trees and a little lake. I loved to go there and sit by the water, the dog and I could enjoy the surroundings and I could think about what I wanted and how I wished to build up this new part of my life. My guiding spirit always started to talk to me when I sat down by the waters edge, to help me to learn and grow.

One day when I went to to lake and sat down to enjoy this beautiful part of Purmerend the spirits started talking immediately. Only this time the words I heard kind of surprised me. I heard a spirit say, ” A man will come over here, will sit beside you and he will start a conversation with you”. I was surprised and also curious at the same time. Within 5 minutes a Vietnamese man half my size came towards me, sat down and immediately started talking to me. He could hardly speak Dutch properly and people from that part of the world can’t speak the R, they pronounce an L instead of the R. It was therefore very difficult for me to understand what he was telling me, and at the same time as this man was talking to me, all I could hear was my guiding spirit laughing out loudly. My guiding spirit knew that when he told me that a man would come over and sit down to have a conversation with me, I was thinking that maybe, maybe they would send someone to me that I would like,  to perhaps go out on a date with, but no, they sent someone half my size who speaks half-Dutch, half-Vietnamese.

My spirit guide had so much fun and inside of me I heard him laugh, but I had to laugh also. I couldn’t show that to the nice man who didn’t stop talking but it did help me to learn not to take life so seriously. It did teach me to be open to what I hear my guide telling me, but not jump into conclusions when I only understand a little that my guide tells me.





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