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The Amazing World of Carolien de Bree

Carolien de Bree

Carolien de Bree

The Amazing World of Carolien de Bree.
As editor of the “Marbella, Marbella” website, I am delighted to present to our readers, a remarkable, well-known and gifted Medium from Holland, who has written a short introduction for us, about some of her experiences from her remarkable life that has now led to her latest creation “AngelGuidance” in her dedicated quest to help and advise people over many issues in their lives.
This new site is the heart inspiration of Carolien de Bree a Medium with extraordinary psychic powers, supported by her practical experiences during a lifetime of “hard knocks” surrounding her world that she overcame with courage, perseverance and dignity, guided by her heart feelings and energy. I am truly impressed by her understanding and her way of assisting people who contact her with her spiritual, psychic communications. I wish “AngelGuidance” much success in helping to guide others onto their personal path of self-fulfillment and personal success in all aspects of their lives. I leave the writings in the capable hands of Carolien. Dario Poli.

Carolien de Bree
I was born in Purmerend in the Netherlands almost 47 years ago, and as far back as I can remember I always saw and felt a presence surrounding me and my memory goes way back to my earliest days, seeing deceased people, auras, feeling and hearing the emotions and thoughts of other people, but also the voices from those who had passed away. For me this was and still is all one.
I remember on one occasion when I was about the age of 5. My mother and I were out shopping and she met a lady and started a conversation with her. When my mother asked her a simple question, how she is doing, that women replied that she is OK, doing fine. I looked up at the women and thought, that’s not true, your husband just died and you are very sad. I didn’t understand why she was lying as I saw her husband standing next to her and telling that to me. I never told anyone what I saw and heard because I never saw anyone respond to those who have passed away and now residing in the spirit world.


Situations like this were quite normal for me and I just took it the way it was and let it go again. Most of the time, the spirits that I saw were connected to someone so it always felt okay for me.
When I was about 7 or 8 years old, I remember seeing spirits that were not familiar for me. One evening when it was time for me to go to bed, my mother told me to go upstairs to my room and as I was standing by the stairs and looking up I saw 3 spirits standing there, looking at me and talking to each other, I just stood there, looking up, not sure if I wanted to go upstairs. But again my mother told me not to doubt and trying to win time by not going to bed. Again I looked up and they were still standing there. So I gripped my fist tightly and thought, “well, I don’t know them but if they harm me in any way I will hit them”. When I was upstairs they stepped aside and let me go to my bedroom, they were smiling at me and the energy felt good, so I had nothing to worry about.

I remember but I was not aware that I saw spirits, I didn’t know that they were spirits, for me they were people who I could see through.

On another occasion, I remember I was 11, and my father was redecorating our home and working hard to make the living room beautiful again. I was looking at what he was doing, then I saw big energy balls floating in the living room, beautiful colour yellow and orange, I was so impressed by the beauty and the movement till my mother started talking. Then they were gone and I thought, “don’t tell anyone because then they will say that I need glasses”. So I kept the secret to myself.
Growing up I had many dreams of the future, things that didn’t happen yet but always a few weeks later I saw it happen. Some were nice and some were not. I never gave it serious thoughts and said to myself, now that’s just a coincidence

Photo: Henk Ros Artfotos

Photo: Henk Ros Artfotos

When I was 22 I remember a dream, a dream that was really weird, in that dream I was pregnant and I was alone in fields, then bikers came and they looked very aggressive, they were acting violent. In my dream I was scared, but then a man came to me, he was not one of them, He told me not to be afraid no matter what happens, I will be protected. He had a very friendly face, dark hair, blue eyes and was in a pastel soft tint t-shirt. He looked at me like he knew me but I didn’t know him. The next day I talked to a woman, she was the mother of my boyfriend’s best friend.
I told her about the dream and I told her what the man looked like who had calmed me down. She gazed at me with wide astonished eyes and then walked away. She was looking for something, a picture she said. She wanted me to look at the picture, And there he was, the same man with the dark hair, blue eyes and pastel t-shirt. He had previously died of lung cancer when he was 17. He would have been 24 at that time that she showed me the picture. Because of his death she went to see mediums to be in contact with her son. She showed me the way to discover by bringing me in contact with other mediums. One month after this dream I found out that I was pregnant :).
This is where my journey really began of becoming and being aware and experiencing the awareness, finding my way with the spirits and starting to communicate with them from a conscious level. My dream was to help people, to give them a message from the other side, to be helpful to people who needed healing in the heart or to gain a clearness in the mind.
Since those early days and beginnings of my own psychic awareness, I had already helped a lot of people with my gift, but I began to think it was time to turn my inspirational work into as genuine way of life and making a living, that idea would be so great.

I had always worked in other fields, but at that time of my life I was out of a job and looking to change my world and lifestyle, so I asked myself why not try and see how far I could get with this inspiration that was growing inside me. So I began my new venture very simply, beginning with a modest site on the internet, going to psychic conventions to get my name promoted, so people could find me and receive a reading. Before I knew it, I met a lot of famous people who worked for television, theatre and music productions.
One evening, my guide from the spirits asked me, “what if, what if you are asked to work for television?” My response was tinged with some resentment, as I never had a dream to work for television so I replied “no thank you”. Again my spirit guide started talking, “yes, but what if, what would you say when you are asked?” I thought it was a strange question, so I said, “well if someone asks me, I will say yes okay” as I confidently believed that would never happen.

The very next day I received a text message from someone who works for television. He told me of a TV program about spirituality and that they were looking for someone to present the program. Maybe it’s something for you he said. Along with that text came a phone number to get in contact with the TV program.
Well, I said yes to my spirit guide so here I go. The next day I called and they asked me to come over so we can talk.
That same week I was in the train to the media park in Hilversum. During the trip, I started talking to my guide again, asking him, “what if I really don’t want to do this and I will say no to the program”. My spirit guide started laughing and said. “Well they will find you anyway so you can say no, but TV will come to you and will be part of your life”.
I went there, had a meeting and discussion with a person in charge, followed by a screening for the camera and gave consultation and readings to people I have never seen before, after a few hours they told me, though not an official yes but they did want me for the program.

Finally at the end of 2006, I was formally asked to work for the Dutch TV program Astrotv on TV channel SBS6 and NET5. This program was new on television, broadcasting its first program in September 2006. At the end of November I had my first talk on TV and in December of 2006 I began being taught about presenting myself on TV and got lessons of what to think about when I am actually on TV.
In January 2007 was my first time on TV as a guest in the program. It was a live show were people could call into the program to the mediums available and those working there were very kind to me and made sure that I was in a relaxed mood to go on live television and every time, just before the program started, I spoke to my guides and spirits above that I was honoured and grateful asking for their guidance to help the people in the best way possible.
There was one lady presenter and when someone called into the show I had to answer the question that was asked. It was wonderful to be part of something so beautiful. My guides and spirits helped me really well, to give people a clear and specific answers to their needs. Sometimes they wanted to know more about their love lives, their children, future or work, and asking me about their loved ones who had passed over to the other side.

Photo: Esther Hardon

The time felt right that I could be a part of bringing the spiritual realm into the earthly world and share my gift with others, to help make their lives easier and to find inner peace. For a few months I was a guest on the program but I learned so quickly, that they asked me if I wanted to do the presentation and give consultations.
The program was 7 days a week and I had one colleague who was also presenting and giving readings. For a few years we both did several shows a week. We started with 30 minutes a day, within half a year it became 1 hour, and later on it was 2 hours per program/show. In the beginning it was only during the day, but after a few years the night shows started to be on TV so the presentation team became larger and I presented many late night shows, working for television for 6 years.

Photo: Esther Hardon

Towards the end of 2012 I decided that I wanted to be closer to the people who want a consultation, so I ended my time with television and started to be more online for the telephone calls behind the TV program. For me this was such a good feeling, having more time for the people who needed help and making it easier for them to come in contact with me and receive a message from the spirit world.
I was so inspired by this, being close and having all the time that was needed to help someone that my idea of starting my own telephone line began to enter my mind. I felt I wished to create a site where there would be many spiritual mediums, tarot readings, astrology and numerology that people can call to and to find and put together a team of spiritual people who I knew were really good in what they do, to work as a team making sure there would be always someone available for a consultation. So I began my own site a where the team was there to answer questions by phone and my new adventure began.

Photo: Henk Ros Artfotos

Photo: Henk Ros Artfotos

Last November 2015, in the middle of the night I woke up because my spirit guide said something to me. I heard the word AngelGuidance. I was right awake and clear in my mind, what a beautiful name that is. Not knowing what I wanted to do with that name I went on the internet and made sure that AngelGuidance now became my domain. Within one week I started to get ideas for a new site called AngelGuidance.

A few months ago the picture became very clear for me. To make it possible for people to find guidance not only by phone but also to ask questions by email, text messages and to receive initiation for connecting with angel’s energy.



Since the first of April is online and a team of beautiful people with special gifts are there to offer help to those who need some AngelGuidance.

Telephone Contact Spain: 806 444 124


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