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My Holland - Back In The Hague

Being back in The Hague, residence of Queen Beatrix and the Dutch government and the city where I lived for 25 years before moving to Marbella, I visited one of my favorite streets : Het Noordeinde.
Especially that part of the street between the Royal Palace and the Hilton Hotel with its numerous art galleries and antique shops is always interesting and  fun to visit.
You’ll find a great, non chauvinistic, variety of art
On my first stroll in the street I immediately ran in to my old friend and fellow artist Albert In ‘T Veld who lives and works in the area. Albert is an artist ‘pur sang’ . After, when he was a young man, his very promising career as a dancer stopped due to an accident he developed other artistic skills. He now is mostly known for his neon art, object design, paintings and graphic art.

Besides his work as a visual artist he is also a poet . Several poems have been published. He has also been a motivated stimulator for the arts in a broad perspective all his life, for this and his life achievement he received a decoration by Queen Beatrix on his 65th birthday.
We continued our walk together when traffic in the street was stopped.

It appeared that a new foreign ambassador had come to town and was on his way to the Palace Noordeinde  to present his credentials to the Queen. This is quite a ceremonial happening. The new ambassador is brought to the palace in a royal gala coach with 2 horses and escorted by guards in ceremonial uniforms. A musical chapel plays and the Guard of Honor in front of the palace is inspected.

We stopped to watch this and at the same time we noticed an intriguing painting in the window of art gallery ‘De twee Pauwen’ . We went in to have a closer look at the painting and to have a chat with the owner, Lucas van Hasselt. The painting appeared to be by a Russian artist and Lucas started to tell us about his special (although not exclusive) interest in eastern European artists. Russian painters for example have to master all techniques during their 6 year study and therefore they are incredibly skilled. These skills combined with an artistic personality bring great results. Lucas gave us a preview on a young White Russian artist , Alexander Nekrashevich, coming on show soon.
And we agreed : an absolute must to see.

Out in the street again we decided to pay art gallery ‘Het Cleyne Huys’, and it’s owner Ellen Cleyndert a visit. This interesting gallery has an even more interesting and impressive sculpture garden. This beautiful garden joins the Palace Garden and the Royal Stables in the back. Although in the city center you’ll find yourself in a serene, silent garden surrounded by beauty.

(photo garden) Don’t miss it should you visit The Hague.  Coming on show in the gallery soon Erlinde Boersma and Guido van Ophoven.

There is a lot more I would like to write to you about, amongst others the painter Maayke Schuitema (on show in galery  Project 2.0, Noordeinde 57), the 25 museums in The Hague, the Art and Fashion weekend at the Noordeinde on September 1  and 2, but that’s for a next article.
But there is more in life than art so I   would like to conclude this article with my visit to The Orange Polo Tournament  (19th edition) held yearly within the Duindigt  horse racetrack in Wassenaar. (a village close to The Hague).

Eight international teams competed to win the title and the  (huge) Orange cup of  most popular tournament in The Netherlands while showing  their  bloodcurdling actions to the audience.
The whole event was very well organized by Polo Republic and the atmosphere was just great.
We watched great matches, talked to friends, tredded the sods back into place, had a good glass of wine and a bite ………… that was a good weekend.

Joyce & Alexander ( Aki) Van Andel

Joyce and Alexander (Aki) van Andel, Netherlands top polo player )

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