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Kempinski Hotel Bahia: 20 Andalucian Top Chefs Showcase 20 Creative Tapas

TapeArte at the Kempinski Hotel Bahia: 20 Andalucian Top Chefs Showcase 20 Creative Tapas


 Alvaro Arbeloa and Jordi Bataller

Kempinski Chef Jordi Bataller tells us: “It’s not easy to bring together 19 top chefs from the Andalusian gastronomic scene for one day. I’ve known all of them for a long time. I’ve been to school with some of them, Sergi Arola for example. He has a two-star restaurant in Madrid, and I sent him one of our pastry chefs for a few months. I even know Kisko Garcia’s father…”

The idea of a menu consisting solely of tapas based on recipes of several excellent regional chefs is extremely creative. Fernando Rueda used his professional experience to increase the awareness of Spanish tapas. He has found the perfect blend of ingredients: Rueda combined 19 successful chefs from Andalusia to create a tapas menu which will delight the gourmets. 

                                                                        Cati Schiff

The term “TapeArte” stands for a coherent concept. Spanish Tapas have enjoyed international popularity for some time, especially since Ferran Adria included them in his high culinary arts. For Fernando Rueda, it was logical to chose chefs from Andalusia since the region has plenty of good basic products, which inspire the creativity and innovation in Mediterranean cuisine.

 Charo Carmona

Inspiration is also the driving force behind every successful project. Even the aesthetically refined small appetizers, (as the word “tapa” is often translated) must satisfy the palate in order to make a guest a regular guest. “What is done well is always good to eat. It’s that simple,” Kempinski General Manager Ruediger Hollweg tells us. Since Hollweg took over the Kempinski Hotel Bahia in 2009, things have changed. “I see the strength of our house in our employees, we work hard to offer our discerning guests excellent service. This naturally includes the gastronomic sector as well. Jordi Bataller copes with this enormous challenge, which includes the management of four restaurants successfully.”



Richard Alcayde

Executive Chef Bataller is a veteran at the Kempinski Bahia, working for over ten years to please the tastes of the guests. At the same time staying aware of the world outside Kempinski. He constantly networks and stays connected to his colleagues and friends in the gastronomic scene. Through events as this Food Festival tapeArte, he combines his know-how with that of his equally successful colleagues.”Of course you will find the 20 exquisite tapas of tapeArte on the tapas menu in our Tapas Bar Mistral. This is the optimal implementation of my colleagues innovative recipes, and tailor-made for our tapas bar,” says Bataller.

The new tapas menu with the top 20 of Andalusia’s Best Chefs not only looks delicious, it is delicious. Merging top chefs with top tapas is a culinary treat.

 The Chefs of TapeArte are: ÁLVARO ARBELOA – Restaurante Ta-Kumi (Marbella)

ÁLVARO REDONDO – Restaurante Montana (Málaga)

AMADOR FERNÁNDEZ – Restaurante Amador (Málaga)

BENITO GÓMEZ – Restaurante Tragatapas (Ronda)

CATI SCHIFF – Restaurante La Hacienda (Marbella-Las Chapas)

CELIA JIMÉNEZ – Restaurante Bodegas Campo (Córdoba)

CHARO CARMONA – Restaurante Coso San Francisco (Antequera)

DIEGO DEL RÍO – Restaurante El Lago (Marbella)

FERNANDO GONZÁLEZ – Restaurante Manducare (Málaga)

FRANCISCO JARABO – Restaurante Casa Luque (Nerja)

IVÁN BRAVO – Restaurante El Realengo (Churriana)

JAVIER HERNÁNDEZ – Restaurante Limonar-40 (Málaga)

JORDI BATALLER – Restaurante Alminar, Kempinski Hotel Bahía (Marbella-Estepona)

KISKO GARCÍA – Restaurante Choco (Córdoba)

MAURICIO GIOVANINI – Restaurante Messina (Marbella)

PACHU BARRERA – Restaurante La Moraga Antonio Martín (Málaga)

RICHARD ALCAYDE – Restaurante MED (Torremolinos)

SERGIO DEL RÍO – Restaurante Hacienda La Biznaga (Cártama)

VÍCTOR TABORDA- Restaurante La Veranda, Hotel Villa Padierna (Marbella)

A Who’s Who from the Andalusian restaurant scene are coming to the Kempinski Bahia. Chef Jordi Bataller, along with Fernando Rueda, a food critic and member of the Academia Gastronomica de Malaga,  has arranged this meeting of the cooking elite under the motto “tapeArte”. Each of the 19 invited chefs, some of whom hold a Michelin Star were more than willing to swap their kitchen for that of the Kempinski Hotel Bahia Marbella-Estepona for a day and initiate the new tapeArte concept.

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