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Bridal Press Release

It has finally arrived, the best day of your life!  Or so it should be. This is the day you’ve been waiting for, the day you’ve been thinking of, dreaming of, maybe even obsessing about. The dress has been carefully, meticulously chosen. The shoes, the accessories, veil or no veil?  Hair up or down?

The invitations have been sent out, guests are coming, endless cakes have been tasted and the perfect one selected, the venue has been found and all are being readied for your arrival.  Everything on this day must be perfect!

Every bride wants every single detail to be absolutely perfect; this is the day you will remember for the rest of your life. This is the one day you want to feel like a princess, photographs of this day will adorn your walls and sit on your mantelpiece for years to come – everything must be perfect.

Amongst all the big things it’s easy to forget the finer details of the day ahead. One thing you can be sure of however is that your hands, and in particular your nails, will probably never be more looked at then on this day. As you glide down the aisle clutching your bouquet, as that ring is placed on your finger all eyes will be upon you – the hours of handshaking, hand holding, hugging to follow. This is the day more than any other when you want absolutely beautiful nails.

You don’t even want to have to think about your nails, you just want to know that they look absolutely gorgeous.

Bio Sculpture knows exactly what you’re going through and wants you to know they have the perfect solution to this challenge. They can help you have perfect nails on this perfect day. Bio Sculpture is the latest must-have nail care product. Instead of painting on varnish that runs the risk of chipping or flaking on the run up to your special day, Bio Sculpture Gel is applied in liquid form over the natural nails and is then cured under UV light to give a strong, durable finish that is guaranteed not to chip. As well as looking perfect, Bio Sculpture nails feel perfect and natural too. You won’t even know you’re wearing Gel.

Best of all, Bio Sculpture Gel is a nail treatment that is actually good for your nails. When wearing Bio Gel nails your own nails are being hydrated, strengthened and cared for underneath.

So on this perfect day make sure every bit of you looks and feels perfect, from the top of your head to the tips of your very perfect Bio-Sculptured nails.

Bio Sculpture Gel can be used to create natural looking nail extensions or as a colour overlay and is available in over 120 colours so you’ll never be limited on choice.

For more information, please call 952 663 602 

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