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Dream interpretation


Written by Emma Rasmussen

What are your dreams?

Do you dream that your teeth fall out, you suddenly can fly, you are being followed, but your legs will not move or you will meet your life’s love and infuriating when you wake up that it was just a dream?
We spend so much of our lives to sleep, so it would be interesting to know a little about what all these dreams about and what we can use this knowledge in our waking lives.
In this world we live in, where everything moves so quickly, and preferably should go faster, there is not much time to stop and feel for how we have it and what reactions and feelings we have, compared to what happens during the day.
That does not mean that the reactions and feelings are gone. No, we may feel no great during the day but at night, it all comes up in our dreams.
Dreams can seem very real, but there are also the kind of dreams where you are aware that you dream while you dream. They called Lucid dream and it is often possible for dreams to control the dream action, which can result in relatively good dreams!

It is important to know the meaning of dreams are as varied as we humans are different.
That is, dreams both you and your friend about a fierce bear, can make your dream to be a symbol of strength. But if your friend, in his waking life, connecting the Bears with something scary, the bear will probably symbolizes fear. The whole dream while important, will then be a completely different and there is therefore no answer list or the book you “can just look up in” and get a quick answer, but one can ask themselves:
“What can I connect with the symbols in the dream? What action is the dream and the dream going. What mood or feeling was in the dream and I know this feeling from something that is happening in my life right now? etc.” etc. “
Always write the dream down immediately you wake up. . If you wait, the whole or part of the dream disappear.

Where your dreams come from and why is it important to know what they mean?

When you dream, you connect with your subconscious. Your subconscious mind will always try to bring you into balance, so you get the best out of your life.
Are you for example. in doubt about what choices you should make in your life and what is best for you and your future? It may be in relation to education, work, girlfriend, family etc.
Instead of asking your nearest advice and maybe end up becoming more confused, why not ask yourself?
It sounds strange that you can ask yourself when you know is in doubt, but you can if you use your dreams to help.
You will find your answer through your dreams, your response will not be colored by what other people think is best for you, but only what you need.
The only one who really knows what you basically need is you and only you.
So you can see your dreams, as good advice from the person who knows you best, for yourself.

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